Spring 2016 Colors!

Did you see the new trending colors for Spring 2016?! 
I still can’t get over these great colors that are coming out for Spring! Have you checked them out yet? If not, we’ve got the low down right here!
Pantone released there top 10 Spring colors a bit ago, and your going to start seeing them everywhere very soon! 
  1. Buttercup
  2. Fiesta
  3. Green Flash
  4. Iced Coffee
  5. Lilac Grey
  6. Limpet Shell
  7. Peach Echo
  8. Rose Quartz
  9. Serenity
  10. Snorkel Blue
I don’t know about you but these colors are screaming Spring! I cannot wait to what kind of amazing fashions are brought to life with these new colors. After going through these colors over and over, i honestly couldn’t decide which ones were my favorite. I’m in love with Buttercup, something about that gorgeous yellow just pops out of any outfit and can brighten up anyones day. But I’m also in love with Lilac Grey…I’ve always been a black and grey person, so when I saw this color I just knew this would be my Spring go to color. But then again, I’m so in love with the femininity of Rose Quartz. Theres just something so beautiful about this color. I look at this color and I just fresh cut flowers, I feel calm when I look at this color. And heaven knows, I need a little calm in my life every once in a while. 
Okay, so you heard what I had to say about these new colors, tell me, which is your favorite color?

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